Where are we now?

The world has evolved.  It is a constant change everyday.  Just to thing back even twenty-five short years ago, I know ironically most of those I’m in classes with were probably just barely born or definitely not very old, but soon you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.  I graduated with a degree in computer technology from vo-tech in 1992, but today ten year old kids probably know more about how and why computers work better than I did out of school.  Without trying to sound like an old geezer, I’d like to just take a look at the topic of social media.

“Social Media”, what is it, what is it good for, what is it capable of, and how can we benefit from it?  All of these seem like very easy, straight forward simple questions.  Ironically, I don’t know that they are, at least depending on the answer you think is correct and who you ask.  There in lies the twist.  Social media means different things to different groups and ages.  Ask a group of older people and the response would probably be Facebook, ask a slightly younger group you may get the answer Instagram and or Twitter, go even further down you may get Snapchat.  The younger you go, within reason of course, the more they’re aware of the various platforms.  The fact of the matter is, Social media is all of this and many more outlets as well.  Social media encompasses the whole spectrum of the digital platform we are using to communicate and interact through these sites.

What’s it good for?  That’s also is a multi level answer.  To some it’s a way to stay in touch with friends, research ideas and products.  To others it’s a way to make money get opinions or simply pass the time.  And as every form for receiving information in the past, i.e. newspapers, television, radio and print, it has proven to be quite effective for promoting, for lobbying, reaching people for business and advertising or just to get a message out.  whether it’s a YouTube commercial, a Facebook advertisement or a Snapchat story its everywhere reaching not only local, regional, or nationally.  It’s global, global within a matter of milliseconds. we can reach people we’ve never even thought of without even really trying.

What’s it capable of?  Who knows?  We may never know.  We may never understand or comprehend how many people can say, see, or write anything they want good or bad.  They have, we have, the ability to spread our message, propaganda, product or idea to billions of people with the simple stroke of a keyboard or mouse.  So to answer the can we benefit from it question.  Yes absolutely it can touch almost every person in the world somehow, but by the same token, it also allows others the same powers and abilities.

Just something to think about, something to ponder, and realize the power we have given almost everyone in the world.  No matter how entwined or developed we get, it still is our human responsibility to use social media responsibly.  That’s where we are now in my opinion.

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